Apple M1 Chip Laptops Compatible with UPTab USB-C Adapters

Dec 21st 2020

Apple M1 Chip Laptops Compatible with UPTab USB-C Adapters

Apple is one of the most famous brands in the market. Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook are quite famous for their features. One thing that the MacBooks lacked until recently is a good graphics card. The famous Apple Macbooks used to come with traditional Intel HD graphics. This all changed with M1. The new Appl M1 laptop is one of the best products ever released by the company.

The reason M1 became the most popular in a relatively short term is because of its advanced features. There are many laptops and desktops that are already using the new M1 chip. Professionals also estimate that most of the future Apple products will be using the M1 chip.

Advanced Features in the New M1 Chips

M1 is the first computer chip built with the latest Apple technology. The awe-inspiring aspect of this chip is the number of transistors. According to Apple, There are around 16 billion transistors in this chip.

The M1 chip also comes with the UMA. The UMA or the Unified Memory Access architecture allows the user to make complete use of the processor. The working of this architecture is a bit similar to the Advanced Micro Device’s latest memory architecture.

The new unified memory gives the chip a low-latency and a higher bandwidth than most other processors in the market. These new improvements come in handy when we run multiple applications on a laptop or desktop. Resource-consuming heavy applications will also run pretty smoothly thanks to the new improved bandwidth.

The M1 chip allows all the applications running in the SoC to use the same pool of memory. This prevents the need to copy multiple pools of memory and will result in improved performance.

One of the major advantages of the M1 chip is that it is almost 3.9x faster in video processing than its predecessors. Apple laptops are mostly used by creators for video processing and photo editing. This new speed is sure to attract a lot of new creators as well.

The M1 chip has an octa-core Central Processing Unit. The eight cores make the laptops and desktops with this chip perfect for multitasking. Even the Cinebench scores of these laptops are quite astonishing.

Compatibility in M1 Chip Laptops and Desktops

Apple is always known to maximize the compatibility of their devices. Even though we see a lot of exclusive chargers and other accessories when it comes to some Apple products, this is not the case with desktops and laptops. The laptops and desktops that use the M1 chips will have Thunderbolt ports on them. We can use these ports to connect to a television or a desktop pretty easily with any standard cable. We can also connect the devices to external storage drives, thanks to the port.

The Thunderbolt 3 adapter is available on most Macbooks. Thunderbolt 3 ports allow us to connect the Type C cable adapters to our device. This is a huge advantage since the new USB type is a lot faster than the traditional USB B type connections.

Connections with the C type cables will also be more stable than those with its predecessors. The USB 3 port is not a new addition to the M1 based laptops and desktops and is available in many Intel-based versions as well. However, the new port that is introduced in the Apple silica chips is the Thunderbolt 4 port.

The Thunderbolt 4 port allows the users to share data like photos and videos from external devices to the laptop or the desktop using the standard cable. The UPTab USB-C Type C adapters are still compatible with the new M1 chip laptops and desktops as well.

When using Apple devices, we also have to be careful of the cable we are using. Even if we connect a different cable to a device that usually fits the Apple computer, the devices won’t be connected to the laptop, and data transfer won’t be available.

The advantage of having the Thunderbolt port is that we can connect multiple Thunderbolt devices to each other and then connect the whole chain to the Thunderbolt port on our Apple devices. This gives us an advantage over traditional laptops as we’ll be able to use more external devices than a regular laptop user.

Apple laptops and desktops with the Thunderbolt ports also don’t require any individual power leads from all the Thunderbolt devices. The single port is enough to deliver the power to all connected Thunderbolt devices.

The latest UPTab USB-C Type C can be used to connect our M1 chip laptops and desktops with Mini Display, HDMI, SD Cards or Legacy USB ports. The ports on the device are also backward compatible with the USB 3.2 port that can be connected to the UPTab USB-C Type C adapter. This cool connectivity will reduce the cost since we don’t have to buy a new adapter for the new laptop.

Even though we usually have to change the adapters, cables, and the whole setup when a new Apple laptop comes out, it is quite a relief that we don’t have to spend any extra money on this now. This leaves us with options to buy more Apple accessories and make full use of the Apple device integrations. The UPTab USB-C Type C adapter is nothing like a normal adapter that we use for mobiles and TVs.

We can use this adapter to connect to USB 1.1 to USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, HDMI ports, and DisplayPorts as well. The vast functionality of the adapter made it one of the most used adapters for Apple devices.


Apple M1 chip laptops and desktops come with both Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 ports. The UPTab USB-C Type C to Mini DisplayPort Adapter can be used with the latest laptops and desktops as well. The backward compatibility of the ports and the latest adapter reduces the system upgrading costs this time.


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