Benefits of a USB Docking Station and Other Must-Have Computer Accessories

Posted by Raya K. on May 23rd 2022

Benefits of a USB Docking Station and Other Must-Have Computer Accessories

Are you interested in learning about the benefits of using a docking station near your computer? Read on to learn more about must-have computer accessories.

You're at work and have a presentation to give. Everything is on your laptop, and you didn't have enough time to set it up. Cables and wires clutter the area as you struggle to put everything together.

You wish you had something better to make the setup easier.

The global docking station market is expected to reach almost $2 billion by 2027. That's when you know an item such as a DisplayLink docking station is essential. It makes work productive that much better.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of a docking station and other computer accessories? Read on to find out.

What Is a DisplayLink Docking Station?

A DisplayLink docking station, otherwise called a docking station, is central to increasing productivity for you and your workspace. It allows you to project your laptop work onto a bigger screen or switch between your desktop computer and laptop instantly.

Depending on what you're going to use a docking station for, it can have a USB-C to connect to your mobile device and a few regular USB for your mouse and keyboard. It will also come with two or more HDMI ports and a DisplayPort to connect with your display.

A docking station can also connect to devices such as printers and LAN. Combine this with displays, and you have a whole workstation ready for anything.

How a USB-C Dock Works

Like a regular docking station but with USB-C, it lets you connect all of your devices to your mobile device. Displays, printers, and ethernet cables can be plugged into the dock, and one USB-C from said dock into your laptop. It makes it to where you have access to everything from one device.

The dock should work flawlessly as long as the monitors and other display devices have the power plugged in.

The Benefits of a USB Docking Station

USB docking stations have many uses. Here is a quick list of the main benefits:

  • Allows multiple device accessibility with one USB-C port
  • Ability to connect office and home equipment with ease
  • Increased productivity
  • You can save money if you don't have a desktop computer
  • Cleaner and more organized workspace

How Other Useful Computer Accessories Benefit Your Office

As remote work became more prevalent, having a home as the new headquarters. Having an excellent desk setup is crucial to work productivity, so these must-have computer accessories can play a significant role. These additional items can help declutter and give you a better space to work.

Device Mounts

These type of computer accessories come in many sizes and purposes. They can be found in any computer accessories store near you.

Device mounts such as these will improve your office workspace tenfold. At the same time, most of these items can be utilized with a USB docking station. Some monitor mounts can also come with a USB docking station, making them more desirable.

Laptop Stands

You need to display your laptop on your desktop monitor. It's attached via USB-C, and you have nowhere to put it. You can leave it on your desk, but you'll have to constantly hunch over while looking at your laptop and switch over to your bigger monitor.

Laptop stands can solve that issue. It elevates your laptop to the same height as your desktop monitor, so you have less strain while working.

The different options are mounting a laptop arm or a riser. A riser sits on your desk and lets you adjust the height of the laptop platform.

An arm attaches to the edge of your desk and allows you to make your laptop "float" and line up with your monitor. You can also turn it away from your desk if you don't need to use it, making more space to work.

Monitor Mounts

Used like the laptop arm, monitor mounts come with many benefits. Many people like using a monitor mount and how it can improve efficiency. Among those benefits are:

  • Reduced neck pain
  • Better posture
  • Less eye strain
  • It can be configured for sitting and standing
  • Freedom to adjust the monitor


Goosenecks are used for mounting tablets and smartphones. The twisty thin neck allows you to position a mobile device however you like freely. Its high mobility and hands-free function mean better working conditions and less strain on your body.

Cable Clips

With all the cables from the docking station and mobile devices, it will look like a mess, making it easy to lose your cables. Cable clips can assist with that problem. It can be attached to your desk, and you can wrap Velcro or attach magnets to your charging and peripheral cables.

No more fidgeting with whichever cable you need to find!

You can quickly grab your charging cables without having to bend over and place them back in the "docking" clips once you're finished using them. It makes everything much more convenient when you pair these with a USB docking station.

Makeshift Drawers

If you need to hide messy paper or other miscellaneous items, having a sliding drawer can come in handy. It can be attached directly underneath your desk and utilized however you need. The drawer can come in many different sizes to store items, from paper clips to books.

Installing these kinds of drawers can save money as desks with built-in drawers and shelves can put a dent in your wallet.

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DisplayLink docking stations make for an added plus in a workspace. Utilizing a docking station can quickly be done with a USB-C cable and let you switch displays whenever you want, and increases productivity.

Along with docking stations, other must-have computer accessories like device mounts, cable clips, and drawers will declutter your space and help you organize better.

If you feel this helped you learn more about docking stations and other computer accessories, contact us to learn how we can provide you with these items.