The Next Big Thing: Home as the New Headquarters

Jan 18th 2021

The Next Big Thing: Home as the New Headquarters

The Next Big Thing: Home as the New Headquarters

Covid-19 has changed the way Americans work forever. In little less than a year, the amount of people working remotely has increased by over 50%. The sudden change in the work environment has yielded shocking results. Studies have shown that remote work has increased workplace productivity by 6%. These results have made companies accept the idea of remote-work post-covid-19, opening the doors to a world where the traditional office-workplace could become a thing of the past.

The rise of the Home-Office.

Up to 16% of companies are now exclusively hiring remote employees. A huge portion of that 16% is tech positions however other, mostly informal companies, have also hired more remote employees. That statistic is even more amazing when you consider that only 44% of companies in the U.S.A do not allow remote work at all. While this is incredible, the new infrastructure needed to allow this remote work to be possible can be hard to perfect. While it can be gruesome for company executives, it can be harder for the employees to adapt to working at home. An efficient home-office is ideal for handling tasks and streamlining your work. A multiple monitor workflow has gained more attention in recent times thanks to its compounding benefits. Studies have shown that employees with a multiple monitor setup have increased their productivity by 20-50%.

Why use a dual monitor setup and how to use it?

Dual monitor setups have become increasingly popular for those looking to build an efficient home-office setup, due to the benefits it can have on productivity. A dual monitor setup is best suited for teachers or those who work in an environment where multi-tasking is required. For example, having one screen with a Zoom meeting open for a classroom of kids and another with a grading rubric. The dual monitor can also help increase productivity in professions where customer service is crucial. The benefits of a dual monitor setup are vast but getting a proper, dual monitor setup working can be difficult. Finding the perfect dual monitor adaptor that provides an industry-standard connection with little-to-no latency is ideal, however, it is not abundant. Our company's DisplayPort to Dual DisplayPort 8K MST Adapter offers near to no lag and is small enough to take with you on the go. The DisplayPort adaptor supports up to 8K monitors with the added benefit of using less power in comparison to other adaptors competitors. The second biggest issue for novices setting up their first dual monitor setup when buying an adaptor is choosing the right port for their computer's operating system. Luckily, our adaptor offers multi-port support for both Mac OS and Windows. Our DisplayPort 8K MST adapter makes dual monitor setup seamless and provides an immediate boost to your productivity.

Triple Monitor setup:

Sometimes dual monitors are not enough to handle the complexity some jobs might require, which is why some might choose a triple monitor setup. Studies have shown that a dual monitor setup increases productivity by 25.5% while a triple monitor setup increases productivity by 35.5%. A triple monitor setup is for those who want the utmost efficiency in their home office. While there is a plethora of pros to using a triple monitor setup over a dual monitor setup, however, unlike a dual monitor setup, a triple monitor setup is more difficult to get running. You will need a much higher-end computer and a sturdier graphics card GPU compared to a dual monitor setup. However, the benefits of a triple monitor setup highly outweigh the cons- even- with the increased stress it can cause for one's GPU. The steps of getting a functional triple monitor setup are equivalent to that of a dual monitor setup, regarding, getting the equivalent monitor, etc... However, unlike a dual monitor setup, it requires a sturdier adaptor which to support the tremendous bandwidth provided by the Graphics Card to the monitors. Also, getting an adaptor that allows you to configure the resolutions of your monitor to your liking is ideal for perfect efficiency. The DisplayPort 1.4 to Triple DisplayPort 4K 60Hz HDR Adapter is perfect for those that are looking for an adaptor that fits the criteria of the previous sentiment. It allows different modes, use little energy, and has a one-year warranty. This setup is ideal for architects, professional gamers, and online streamers.

The year of the Home-Office:

Covid-19 has changed the workplace by making remote work the new norm. As more employers tweak their infrastructure to allow even more remote-work, remote workers are finding new ways to increase their productivity by creating the ideal home-office. Teachers, streamers, tech-workers, IT workers, etc have taken on this new responsibility by re-imagining their workplace by adapting a dual monitor and triple monitor setup. With proven case studies that show remote work can increase workplace productivity, we could see an increase in home-offices in a post-Covid world.