What is a DisplayLink Docking Station and How Does It Work?

Posted by Raya K on Jun 7th 2022

What is a DisplayLink Docking Station and How Does It Work?

Over the past two years, the number of laptops in use has risen while the number of desktop computers in use has fallen. The portability of a laptop has an appeal that cannot be beaten. However, there is a way to get more out of your laptop than you would otherwise. 

With a DisplayLink docking station, you can hook your laptop up to a larger setup. This provides you with a simple way to massively upgrade your setup. 

Read on to find out the advantages and discover if this technology is for you. 

What is a DisplayLink Docking Station?

A DisplayLink docking station essentially allows you to integrate your laptop into an entire desktop setup. You simply have to connect the laptop to the docking station and it will allow you to connect to anything else the docking station is connected to. 

This can include extra monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, extra hard drives, ethernet, speakers, and plenty more. Anything you can plug into a USB dock, you can plug into this. All of this is then accessible by making one connection, instead of connecting each of these features one by one. 

This USB station then forms a central hub through which all of your USB cables can run. Not only does this integrate them into your device, but it also organizes everything. 

The Immediate Benefits of a Docking

The most immediate benefit of a docking station is that it gives your laptop the advantages of a desktop. This has plenty of upsides to it that should not be forgotten. 

When you exclusively use your laptop, you may find its small screen restricting and it may even hamper your work. However, connecting your laptop to a docking station can instantly connect you to a larger and better monitor. 

In addition, you have the option to connect to multiple monitors at once. This can be a game-changer when it comes to getting more work done, as it opens up multitasking like never before. 

Powerful docking stations can even give your laptop a boost. Most computers can only support up to four monitors because they rely on the laptop or desktop’s integrated graphics card. This limits your computer’s capabilities. 

However, the DisplayLink docking station has a graphic card of its own, which attaches to your computer via USB-A or USB-C. This gives it the ability to connect two additional monitors. So, integrating the DisplayLink into your system can allow you to use six monitors.

Additional monitors can even be helpful for your free time. If you want to browse the internet or play a game, you can do so on one screen while another screen streams a movie. The possibilities here are plentiful. 

A docking station can also be hooked up to a better mouse and keyboard. An accurate mouse and an ergonomic keyboard can be far better than a laptop’s keyboard and trackpad.

Lastly, the ease of the docking system is helpful. Simply plug your laptop into the station and you are ready to go. Then, when you need to take your laptop away again, all you need to do is unplug it.

Additional Benefits of a Docking Station 

While some of the benefits of a USB-C dock are obvious, there are other benefits too. Some of these are only available with the best DisplayLink docking station.

A docking station like this can connect to 4K displays at 60Hz. With this, the picture quality of movies and games will be unbeatable. 

The DisplayLink docking station can even be used to charge your laptop. This means you don’t have to worry about taking your charger out, plugging it in, and then unplugging it again when you leave. You could even keep the charger at work while using the docking station to charge at home. 

A docking station like this also has ports for charging your phone. Though you probably have other chargers somewhere else, having it next to your workstation allows you to keep your device on hand. 

This system can also work as the best DisplayLink docking station for Mac laptops too. Mac users can plug in their MacBook just as easily as they would a PC. The DisplayLink is able to work with any device and operating system.

Who Can Benefit From This Docking Station?

Anyone who often uses a laptop can benefit from a USB docking station. It allows them to use the mobility of their laptop when they are out and about while still allowing them to access additional features when they are near their docking station. They can effectively turn their home into their computer headquarters

However, some people will find a docking station to be more advantageous than others. This group consists of people who work extensively on their laptops at two different locations.

For example, people who take their laptops to and from work will appreciate a docking station. This will allow them to work with their laptop at the office and then enjoy the full benefits of their setup at home. In a similar way, this is beneficial for those who work from home and simply like being able to take their laptops to a coffee shop for a break. 

This group of people is likely to grow in the coming years. Around 83% of companies have a bring your own device policy, a number that is far greater than it was in the past. 

Those who transition from work to home may also enjoy setting up two docking stations. With one at home and one at work, they do not have to compromise anywhere. This can allow peak productivity in both places. 

Another group that may enjoy docking stations is those who live in multiple places. This includes people with two homes or those who travel between family members often. In these cases, they can set up docking stations at both locations to have desktop benefits with the mobility of a laptop.  

The Power of a DisplayLink Docking Station

As you can now see, a DisplayLink docking station has plenty to offer. It provides an instant upgrade to your laptop while still allowing you to take advantage of your laptop’s portability. For many, this could change the way they work, research, or even relax. 

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